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Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogger Math (June 21, 2010)

I’m laughing about my blogging pattern. In the last few days I’ve become a blogging fool: this is my 4th blog in 4 days. As of four days ago, I’d blogged exactly 5 times in the last 6 months: once a month, except for February, when there were zero blogs. I’m guessing that my infrequency in blogging has a lot to do with the fact that 6 months ago I had my third child. Something about the numbers does support my theory: 3 kids, 1 million diapers changed, 782 messes cleaned, 418 crises managed, 53 trips to the supermarket, 1100 miles carpooled, 6 months, 5 blogs. I call it Blogging Math. This combination of factors will produce a number of blogs per month equal to or smaller than the number of full moons per month. (Still following me? I may be mixing metaphors but I think it works…) I just love my wacky pattern of few blogs, then tons. Must ask mathematician Dad for his thoughts on these clusters…

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