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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Spring Line (March 31, 2011)

It's Spring! (This is hardly headline news, I realize. Even if you haven't checked today's date or your neighbor's gardens, you knew Spring was here, right? After all, the designers revealed the Spring Fashions in November, and the department stores displayed swimwear on December 26.)

The new Spring fashion line is as unpredictable as ever. Why not pair sun hats with respirators? Stilettos with bee keeper's hat? Bikinis with bug zappers?

In truth, the getup above was born out of necessity rather than the result of my reaching blind-folded for whatever was in front of me. You see, the backyard weeds are growing faster than Charlie Sheen's ego. While I can convince myself for a while that they are native plants, at some points the weeds reach a level I can't stand a minute longer. I reached this point last week, and so I dug out the weed-whacker and went crazy on the back yard. Good arm workout. Instant results. Immediate allergy attack.

When the front yard weeds could not be ignored a second longer, I decided to dress for (weeding) success and donned my sun hat as well as a respirator. Bingo! No allergy attack.

And really, it's kind of a cute look. (My neighbors must think so since they were looking at me as I struck fashionable poses while chopping weeds.) Kind of Lady GaGa-ish, I think!

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