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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1200cc of TLC needed, STAT!

The good news is that I’ve finished the garden mural I’ve been painting for three weeks.

The bad news is that my own home garden is now in need of major triage. Oops.

But this happens to everyone, right? Your intense focus on one project takes time and attention away from the other parts of your life, which can be on the back burner for a while. But not forever.

My poor home garden needs help. The front plants are starved for water while (ironically) the weeds have managed to flourish, the dried leaves are accumulating and the dandelions have formed such a large group they’re threatening to unionize.

The back yard is hanging in there because that’s where I spend more time. But still…

I’ll save the update on my mural and the community garden for another day. Today I’m focusing on the plants in my own garden that are doing well. I love discovering that something has bloomed since yesterday. The cana flowers I planted years ago (and forgot) are blooming. My first sunflower opened up. Dahlias from last summer are about to open as well. The veggie seeds I planted ages ago are growing like tiny green sculptures, mixed in with seeds I planted recently. I’m not even sure what’s in there, but it’s exciting! My lemon tree has more lemons on it than ever before and my purple heart is growing like a teen-aged boy. The green onions no longer look like green china threads ready to break. They’re sturdier and someday we’ll be able to pick and eat them.

I’m not the first person on earth to have grown things from seed, no. But this summer is the first time I’ve had success with growing things from seed. In past years I’ve either under- or over-watered so it’s exciting to have some results this year.

Where flowers bloom so does hope. --Lady Bird Johnson

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