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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Canada

Part 3 of 3

Have you heard the Canadian national anthem? It is beautiful…The tune and the lyrics blend perfectly and it makes me emotional when I hear it. It’s a love song. Every national anthem should inspire this kind of pride. (I love the American anthem, too, but this post is about Canada…)

I was on Canadian soil just yesterday, and I could not stop humming the anthem while I was there. It was a mini trip—three nights only—but packed full of memorable moments. I hummed the anthem in the pharmacy. I sang it as we walked in the parks. I belted it in the shower. It’s called “Oh Canada,” and it is a love poem that you sing. It was the backdrop to our trip…

The song is a pretty one, but my connection to Canada makes it even more meaningful to me. Dad was born there and returns every year to see his extended family. My first visit was when I was five and I still remember it. I remember lots and lots of water, bays and islands everywhere. Tall trees in all directions. Picking blackberries. Family.

Three of us made the trip this time. My middle child, my dad and I flew to Vancouver. Even before our plane touched tarmac I noticed those tall fir trees everywhere—confirmation that I was in Canada.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they get a lot of rain in Western Canada. Stuff grows. Not only fir trees one hundred feet tall, but other trees and hedges and flowers and corn. And don’t forget blackberries. In addition to taking lots of family photos, I took a lot of pictures of nature. I also did a drawing at sunset while we were at a park. It’s just a quick sketch, but it made me happy to do it. I used crayons and the back of the hotel note pad. (I’m very picky about materials, clearly!) The way the sun shone through the trees was beautiful and I wanted to capture that moment.  

Oh, Canada. You put on a great show. Thanks for your hospitality and for welcoming us with such beauty…

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