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Friday, October 17, 2014

Bed Time!

…And speaking of garden beds…

(Well, we were speaking of them this spring. Okay, if we must split hairs, I was the one speaking writing about them and you were patiently listening/reading/ whatever—why again are we splitting hairs? I don’t know why you insist on such accuracy. But since I’m in such a nice mood, I’ll give ya one more chance. So please stop interrupting and let’s get back to what we were saying about garden beds…)

This spring I was obsessed about my community garden. I decided to have mercy on you and I stopped yapping about it for a while but I think it’s high time we revisited the topic. Two weeks ago I found another community garden in town. I stumbled upon it quite by accident and as you may know, that is my favorite way to discover gardens and so many other things.

This one is the Linda Vista Community Garden. It’s a bit of a secret, which is fun. It’s not on a main road. It actually butts up against a canyon, which is fantastic because then the garden plants can look through the chain link fence and see the plants in the canyon and they’ll be inspired to grow as big as the canyon plants.

This community garden has a charming feel, as many gardens do. It’s not a huge garden but so what? The fact that someone dreamed it up and made it happen is terrific. It has a hand-painted sign (yay), a small green house, repurposed materials and a funky vibe with a meandering path. It was such a treat to come across it.

For me, the crowning jewel was this real garden bed…


  1. I love the bed. Very nice.

  2. What a beautiful garden!