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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kindness to K Day

And now for a Random Stuff moment: I have no blog titles that start with the letter “K.” I have been blogging for nearly six years. This post is #322. And never have I entitled a post with a word that starts with K? This madness must stop. Yep, today’s the day to celebrate “K.” (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. I’ll go with that.)
There are lots of good words that start with K.
I could recite them for you all of today.
Without K what would I call my knees?
And my piano would have no keys.
With no K there would be no Kewpie,
Kermit the frog or Kabuki.
There would be no kittens, kilts or kites,
We would have no knitting or kisses goodnight.
We’d miss out on the word “kerplunk,”
We’d have no ketchup in which fries could dunk.
No kind kangaroos could sing karaoke,
No boards in Karate would be broken.
With no K I couldn’t keep kebabs in my kitchen
And Kansas and Kentucky would go missing…
Radio stations west of the Mississippi would start with a blank
And what would you put in your kerosene tank?
With the keyboard I’d have no knack,
And nothing to put in my knapsack.
No kimonos, kachinas, kale, keys or knolls,
no kettles and kilowatts, and no Kaiser rolls.
We would have no koi and have no Kaftans.
K would be kaput all through the land.
This cannot be.
So I offer this plea:
Let’s celebrate our friend K
Starting today.
It took six years to start a blog with a K
But elegant, graceful K, today is your day.
Today is the day we honor the K!


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