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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #3: an Interview with the Jolly Green Giantess!

Sarah: Hi there. May I call you Giantess?

Jolly Green Giantess (JGG): Yes, of course. My friends call me “G,” for short. You may know my cousin, the Jolly Green Giant. He was shooting a commercial today, or he would have joined us.

Sarah: Tell me about being a giantess.

JGG: Oh, it’s great fun. Giant fun. Some women don’t want to be called giant or large, and I used to feel that way. Women are pressured to be small and we used to be taught to be quiet and polite. But what’s that about? If you’re trying to be smaller or less than you are, you’re diluting yourself. I don’t do that anymore. I love my power! Don't be scared of being big and bold! Make your mark! 

Sarah: What are people’s reactions when you walk around town in a leafy dress, hat and shoes?

JGG: I think people get a laugh and I certainly get a laugh. Everyone needs a laugh. Laughter makes us healthier. (Hearty, giant laugh.) Making people laugh just makes my day.

Sarah: Well, that brings me to my next question. Is part of your mission as JGG to encourage people to eat vegetables?

JGG: Yes, of course. Veggies are your friends. They are yummy (well, most of them are), good for you, and give you energy.

Sarah: Is the fact that we’re discussing this on Earth Day your plan, or just a coincidence?

JGG: In all honesty, I semi-forgot that today was Earth Day until I heard about it on the news two days ago. Sorry—that makes me sound like I don’t care about the earth, but of course I do. I recycle, I grow some of my own food, I often walk instead of driving. I hug trees. So yes, it’s great that this interview is happening on Earth Day, but it’s kind of a coincidence. Mostly I’m here because it’s Wacky Wednesday, and I love popping around town in a costume, sharing the wackiness.
Sarah: Let’s just consider it a win-win that Earth Day fell on a Wacky Wednesday this year. I want to ask about your costume. How long did it take you to make it?

JGG: Between ten and fifteen hours. I wasn’t keeping track—just having fun making it. 

Sarah: Wow, that’s quite a lot of time for one costume.

JGG: Yes, but here’s the deal. Everyone needs something they do that’s just pure fun. We all need something that helps us unwind. For some, it’s watching sports. For some, it’s curling (the kind with a big heavy round thing people guide on the ice, using brooms. I am not sure it should be called an Olympic sport. An activity, yes, but sport?). Some people sing. Some crochet. I make costumes, among other things. I consider it time well spent, if others find my costumes as fun as I do. (And if they don’t, they need to call Costco Optical immediately for an eye exam because if they saw this and didn’t like it, their vision must be troubled.)

Sarah: Thanks for chatting with me, G. It’s been a giant treat!

JGG: The pleasure was mine. I’d like to encourage everyone out there on this beautiful earth to keep recycling, not just on Earth Day but every day. And also to find your thing—whether it’s making costumes or bowling or yodeling or whatever—find something that gives you a boost. And eat your veggies!



  1. Thank you so much! It was my pleasure to bring a laugh to everyone...

  2. I just love you and thanks pea normously for the joy you give to all.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne! So glad you got a boost from my fun...

  3. JGG sounds so much like you.
    Love Dad

  4. Hi Dad,
    Well, JGG and I have a good rapport. She's funny and full of spunk!

  5. Honestly, I don't know how you come up with these creative adventures. Way to keep the spice in life and me entertained!