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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #31: thank you, veterans…

Today’s costume and theme aren’t wacky the way they’ve been on other recent Wednesdays. My Wednesday posts don’t often coincide with a serious day, so most of the time I freely embrace whatever wackiness occurs to me each week. However, today is different. Several months ago I realized that Veterans Day would be on a Wednesday this year, and it was clear to me that I wanted to honor the veterans who have given so much to America.

So how does one mix a wacky weekly creative post with a serious occasion like Veterans Day? Not quite sure. I don’t want my playful style to be confused with a lack of appreciation for veterans or anyone in the armed services. I’m certainly not mocking anyone, but I do have a playful style and I’m not going to alter that so as to try to appease everyone (which is impossible, anyway!).

Well, I know I can’t control how people perceive my creations, so I’ll just hope that they see the intention behind today’s wearable art: a salute to veterans.

I’ve dressed patriotically before (and not just on July 4th). As a teenager I created a red, white and blue dress as a statement about the American spirit. But the patriotic 17-year-old didn’t understand how different America is from many countries, and I do as an adult. I am grateful to live in a country where I can do what I like, be who I am, and where diversity is celebrated. I vote. I am thankful for those who protect America. As I get a little older, I appreciate more and more the sacrifices of those who serve our country and sacrifices of their families. Thanking veterans is not about which political party you identify with—it’s about an appreciation for what veterans have done for us.   

The further I get from age 17, the more I understand how young the teenaged soldiers are who enlist. Their bodies may look grown but the responsibility they take on is greater than a teenager should face. I want to mother them, not send them out to take care of me…And so today I’m especially appreciative of those who have served and are serving this country. Our country isn’t perfect but it is a good place, and I am thankful to live here.

Thank you, veterans...



  1. Thank you, sweet friend. But really, it's about those who give so much...

  2. Well that is just a super cute way to honor our veterans!

  3. Well that is just a super cute way to honor our veterans!

  4. Great post! Love your spirit. <3

  5. Dear Sarah, not only a great salute to those who have been through so much at our country's behest, but a truly beautiful outfit as well! I hope some veterans have seen it, but regardless the spirit of concern and respect ripples out. Love, Betty

  6. Hi Betty, thanks! I did run into a few veterans while in costume and I hope it gave them a boost. A lot of people were posting their thanks online on Veterans Day. Many of us felt a call to show our appreciation...