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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wacky Wednesday #40: Hummingbird and Hibiscus

Today I am wearing a fairly elaborate hat that shows a thirsty hummingbird and a thirst-quenching hibiscus flower.

A creation centered around hummingbirds is an idea that came to me months ago when I was at a huge yard sale and found something with hummingbirds on it. Instantly I knew it would become a costume one day. Fast forward nearly a year and plans have changed. Making the bird and flower took more time than I’d estimated so the hummingbird cards I bought that day will have to wait their turn. Eventually, I’ll use them for something. That's how it works in my studio...

My hibiscus flower is made from paper, tissue paper, paint, plastic mesh, hot glue, beads, wire, felt and pipe cleaners. The bird is made from felt, feathers, stuffing and hot glue. I like how the two parts of this hat work together. As a team they are much more interesting than they would be on their own. The hat tells a story.

I’m fascinated by hummingbirds—aren’t you? They are amazingly fast and you rarely get a chance to study them because by the time you see one, it’s darting off before you can get a good look. This increases the intrigue, of course.  

Nearly seven years ago a hummingbird tucked a nest into the Jasmine vine near our back door. She laid two teensy eggs inside it and we were lucky enough to watch her nest (from a distance) until the babies hatched. If you’re interested in reading the story of the mama and her eggs, here are two blog posts about her. The first was one I wrote before the eggs hatched, and the second post I wrote after hatch day. You can read those blog posts here  and here.
Like the hummingbird, it’s time for me to zoom off and take care of dozens of things before tucking myself into my nest tonight. Thanks for visiting, and I’ll see you next Wednesday, when I zoom back here with more stories to tell…



  1. I would have loved to see that in motion--as you walked around, bird bobbing and petals blowing...very nice!

    1. Thanks, Kim. It definitely had a mind of its own, swaying and catching the wind. I felt like a bobble head!

  2. Wow, very cool! That hibiscus looks so real. I love the shadow the hat casts--So realistic!

  3. Thank you, L. The flower was a lot of fun to make...