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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wacky Wednesday #71—Falling Leaves


I’ll be honest—I feel slightly guilty for doing a WW post that is similar (in concept and name) to one I did a year ago. So let’s just get that out there. An almost-repeat feels weird for someone who strives for originality. Last November I did WW accessories made of leaves I’d painted, whereas today’s leaves are silk. Different enough? Who knows? But hey, I’m human and it’s going to be okay.

And now to the outfit. Today I’m wearing silk leaves I found at a garage sale several months back. On a broiling summer morning it felt odd to buy fall leaves, but we scavengers find our inspirations when and where they are, regardless of season.

Total spent: $1. 50 (leaves plus hot glue sticks)

And maybe it’s okay to do near repeats of costumes. Fall leaves are gorgeous and finding them inspirational is a natural nature. Also tucked into this outfit are a few leaves I found on the ground in front of my neighbor’s house. Adding genuine imitation leaves to genuine leaves—best of both worlds.
Of course, the irony is that in San Diego we’ve had 90-degree days even in the last week so it’s not feeling fallish in the way you might think (dropping temperatures, hot drinks, fireplaces burning logs, sweaters coming out of their hibernation). The leaves may be falling--yet my ceiling fan has been spinning for weeks.
But today, it’s twenty degrees cooler than it was earlier this week. Who knew I had the power to influence temperatures? As the famous saying goes, if you wear fall, it will arrive. (Or maybe it was a saying about building something, but let’s not get sidetracked…)
Whether you spend next week with a hot drink or one filled with ice—with snow or in the surf-- wherever you are, have a beautiful fall and a happy Thanksgiving….


  1. It was so great to see you adorned with Autumn leaves today at the
    Fitness Center. You are ALWAYS a sight for sore eyes and low spirits
    and anyone lucky enough to encounter you.

    1. Hi Leni, it made my morning to see you! Congrats on the painting sale. You rock!

  2. The first time I experienced Fall was while in college in the Mid-West. It was so beautiful, nothing like I had ever seen. Thank you for bringing it home to San Diego!

    1. My pleasure, Adri! And now for the fun of sweeping up soggy leaves on my driveway after last night's rain!