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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wacky Wednesday #80—Shiny Stuff

Hello, folks. Once again I’m mixing fashion and trash to make trashion. (I draw the line at wearing slimy banana peels and moldy artichokes covered in ants. But clean trash not covered with insects? Bring it!)

I’m dressed in shiny stuff (some of which I’ve been saving for more than a year until all the other outfits I’d planned had their turn at the plate). Here is a list of the shiny trash/recycled material I used:

      ·         Part of a broken red piñata (from Ky’s party a year ago)

·         Turquoise Yoplait lids from sixteen yogurt cups

·         Shiny bags, repurposed

·         Mylar balloons

·         Twirly party decoration, saved

·         Cellophane saved from the summer

With its shine and color-changing ways, the iridescent cellophane reminds me of rainbows and bubbles and abalone shells. My logical conclusion was to turn it into a cape.

The cape shows up well in this shadow photo.

I’m thinking of starting my own confetti business with the hundreds of leftover shreds of shiny plastic on my floor. But I still have loads of material left over so if anyone needs some…

Last year I did a costume in which I was wearing a mylar balloon, but I think there’s room for a different costume made partly from balloons. And a piñata hat always changes the vibe. (The hat isn’t the easiest thing to wear, I’ll admit. It doesn’t hurt—it’s just a little awkward. Still, one must grab chances when they come and who knows when I’ll have another chance to turn half a piñata into a hat?)

With that, I’m off to share the shine with the rest of the world. Shine on, y’all!


  1. Wonderful/Beautiful usage of TRASH!! Who would've thought Yoplait lids could look so pretty and I LOVE the cape (which I missed this morning at banking).

  2. Great job. You are so creative! I like how the cape showed up in that shadowy pic. ;-)

  3. Hi Heidi, thanks. I liked that, too. The colors actually were part of the shadow...

  4. I love how you find beauty in just about anything.

    1. Hi Adri, thank you. These items seem to find ME!

  5. You never cease to amaze me. You have a Book in the Making.
    Keep bringing smiles to all who are lucky enough to know you
    and those who wish they did.

    1. Hi Leni, oh, you are the best. Thanks!

  6. I love the pic of the shadow! So pretty Cool cape 😎