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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

October on Salt Spring Island (2006)

My first fall visit to Salt Spring Island.
Trees are red, vivid yellow against the dark green hills.
I see my breath in the morning as we walk to get coffee and fresh bread.
We dress in layers but I wish I’d brought my gloves.
I throw rocks into the water with my son.
“Watch this, Mommy!” he grins as he hurls rocks in all directions.
Some reach the water.
We pet a friendly gray cat walking the deck each morning.
Underwater, crabs pick their way across sand
As starfish hug rocks and precocious seagulls stalk us.
We visit my grandma, who is both crabby and happy to see us.
I pick blackberries, avoiding many spiders and webs.
My son’s face is smeared with purple juice.
The air is pure and clear.

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