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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How'd You Do That? (February 2009)

Do you know anyone who has gotten her earring snagged on a clipboard? You do now. Yes, once again, I have garnered the prize in the category of silliest injury. It’s not the first time I’ve managed to hurt myself in unlikely ways. Remember the seatbelt incident a few years back? But I digress, and you are curious. You want details. It’s a short story, but one worth telling because it is so ridiculous. I don’t wear much jewelry. I go through my phases with earrings, but for a few years I just haven’t wanted stuff weighing heavily on my body. Plus, I have young, grabby kids. But the hubby gave me a pair of small, pretty earrings, thinking there’s no way our toddler would grab them. Who knows whether she’ll try, but she won’t be the cause of my first injury with these earrings. I’ve had them four days, and today is the second day wearing them. While lifting several things out of my car, I managed to hook the hole at the top of my clipboard around my earring. It pulled and I disentangled myself, thinking “Yet another strange Sarah injury.” When you consider the small size of the earring, a sixth of an inch across, it’s pretty crazy that I managed to snag my clipboard on it, but slim odds and Sarah have made acquaintance before. Moral of the story? No more clip boards with holes. Either that, or get myself one of those plastic cones that dogs wear around their heads so they can’t hurt themselves. Apparently I’m a risk to my own health!

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