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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Sings (March 1, 2009)

Two weeks ago I took photos of the first buds on our fruit trees. This photo shows a tree about a week after budding. There was a heat wave in San Diego this January and February and the trees are blooming early. Today will be 80 degrees, which is unusually warm for March 1, even in San Diego. The days are getting longer and warmer. Yesterday we drove with the windows open. Spring is amazing, obviously. I know this, I expect this, but still, every year, it blows me away how quickly things come to life this time of year. Although I don’t live where it snows, the changes in my yard are still major. My succulents are blooming, and the lilies and clivia have flowers. Plants I’d thought were gone forever are waking up. In a strip mall yesterday I saw hundreds of hibiscus buds, waiting to open. Humming birds zoom through my yard, darting among the orange flowers they love. About three weeks ago I saw the first few patches of orange and purple flowers blooming on the sides of the freeway. When I lived in an apartment and had no garden, I marked the change in season by the freeway flowers’ blooming. Roadways may be mundane and unaesthetic, gray slabs of concrete, but when spring comes even the freeways seem happier, edged now with brilliant shocks of color. In my own yard, I notice new growth every day, marveling at how many tiny purple leaves have sprung up. This season is pure joy. Spring’s coming, baby.

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