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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Try This at Home (Jan. 12, 2011)

We noticed the tree from behind while we drove on the freeway the other day. Was it a flying tree? Upon closer inspection, we realized it was not a flying tree, but not for lack of trying. This tree clearly did want to become air-born. If you can have lift-off using balloons, why not a tree?

Credit is deserved for the driver's decision to recycle his Christmas tree. No argument there. But his technique of harnessing it to his car needs...improvement. When we first spotted this hybrid (half tree, half car), the top of the tree was being pulled backward by the wind, like the tab on a soda can. I wondered when we would hear the inevitable "POP!"

We opted to give the tree-on-wheels a wide berth, and the driver opted to speed up and get into a faster lane. By the time our cars were closer again, the tree had changed directions and now was leaning to the right. Was the driver completely unaware? We wondered. Last we saw, he was speeding north, probably late for a post-Christmas Re-Gifting White Elephant party (the invitation leaving the obvious loop-hole in its urging guests to bring a gift you don't intend to use).

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