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Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Call (Dec. 31, 2010)

Okay, okay. This is it. I'm quitting cold turkey with the decorations obsession, as of right now. We are mere hours away from the first day of 2011 and tomorrow all my decoration references will be so last year. But it was good while it lasted. Decorations made me smile and decompress just a degree or two when all the Christmas to-doing reached new levels of stressfulness. Maybe decoration therapy could be 2011's hot new catch-all remedy for stress. We need focus groups, of course. We need at least 1,000 people trying to kick dependencies on nicotine or even more addictive products (I-Phones and the like). We sit them in front of colorful, twirling decorations and see whether their need for de-stressing abates due to cheerful, song-singing snowmen. I really think there might be something to this! Hey, it's cheaper than the patch...


  1. Is this that house on K-ville in Bay Park? Near my old house!

  2. Yep. They always rock the decorations...