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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ageless Art (July 22, 2011)

As you may (or may not) know, at times my art has been very abstract. I like mixed media, and combining different things is appealing.

I named this piece "Ageless Art." Is this because it refers to many genres of art, Abstract Expressionist as well as Postmodern? Is its relevance to all time periods obvious, therefore making it ageless? Of course.

This piece is not actually one of mine. It was created by someone far ahead of her time, a four-year-old I know well. We share studio space. And chocolate chips.

I found her...creating...a few days ago. I realized (too late) that I can't leave supplies...around within her reach. And by art supplies, I mean this: anything on earth. I must not have read the contract's fine print, as I failed to realize that if I leave anything on my bedside table, apparently I am waiving all rights to a) getting it back, b) having it left alone, and c) being annoyed that it was either altered, taken, or all of the above.

When I found her, she was finishing the piece, which includes pencil, colored pencil, red bugle beads, and anti-wrinkle cream. My eyes widened in horror and my mouth opened in a silent scream. "Oh, wow," I managed. ("#*$%&#*$*!" I thought.) "You are so creative, but next time ask me if you want to use something and you aren't sure it's glue," I said, whisking the new art piece away. In the next room I managed to salvage a little of the wrinkle cream. I should have just rubbed the wet paper across my forehead, as I'm sure a new stress line was appearing as I held the art piece. Thank Heavens I didn't buy the most expensive wrinkle cream, I thought.

She's a very imaginative child, and I don't want to stifle those instincts. I’d heard that kids’ hobbies could be pricy, but now I’m a true believer.

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  1. You curse in some interesting characters!