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Monday, July 4, 2011

Would You Like That Gift-Wrapped? (July 4, 2011)

I've been gift-wrapping trees in anticipation of July 4th. This tree is particularly conducive to being wrapped with streamers, and it was so fun! Once I did the tree, I put extra streamers around the front windows. Then I realized I needed flags. We'd kept the flags that real estate agents deliver each Memorial Day, but I decided that six or seven was not enough!

So I made some mini flags (four inches wide) and it was so fun that I made more and more and more. I’d had red and white fabric for years, as well as some blue plaid. Throw in some hot glue and some straws and I had lots of decorations for the front of the house—for free!

Making fun-looking cakes is a hobby of mine, and today gives me a good excuse to bust out the food coloring. Here’s today’s creation:

Happy 4th, America!


  1. I'm not so nice about the plastic flags handed out by the realtors. Especially in 2005 when Luis Galdamez lined the neighborhood with them and I was in my prime peak oil ranting mode that week. I also happened to be evicted that month too. I was having it out for suburbia! The flags were made in CHINA! Nice to see you make cakes in the good ol' USA though. Too bad it isn't mandatory that US flags for US consumption and use are actually products of US citizens and factories. What a world!

  2. Does that cake come in a low cal option? Or would that just be the container(s) that the ingredients came in?