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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Red-Socked Norman (Feb. 29, 2012)

Limerick #4:
Feb. 29, 2012

Norman writes with right and left hands.
He drives a Berkeley bus and honks for Cal fans.
Soon Norman will be forty-nine.
He wears red socks all the time.
He owns 101 pairs, all red but different brands.

Age: 48
Job: Bus-driver
City: Berkeley, CA
Trait: Ambidextrous
Quirk: owns 101 pairs of red socks

For whatever reason, this limerick was harder to create than the others. Who knows why? The combination of the five ideas in this limerick is random—as were the ingredients for the other limericks--but the others were easier for me to construct. I went around and around (as much as one can when one abandons the project for a week at a time) and tried different rhymes, new pairings, and rearranged lines. Sometimes I came right back to what hadn’t worked a minute before. This limerick is what I came up with and hey, sometimes it’s enough simply to say you finished something. My friend Marsha, who was my writing teacher, says that not everything you write will give you chills. Some of your creations will be better than some of your other stuff. (I’m still digesting this, because we first-borns want all our stuff to be amazing, every time! This instinct isn’t unraveled overnight, but I’ve made some progress. Hey, I can post stuff on my blog that I don’t think is my best, so that shows some growth.) Anyway, twenty-three days later this limerick is finished at last. It’s Leap Day, too. Is that significant to this story? I don’t know. But I wanted to post this during February, and I have only a few hours left. March is nearly here, spring is coming, buds are dotting our trees, (weeds are sprouting in our yard, which I alternately ignore and obsessively yank), and Daylight Savings is getting closer! I have one more limerick to write, and at least a dozen things on my Blog About This list. So toodleoo. Happy Leap Day. I can see spring from here!

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