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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lend me an Ear?

No, I haven’t vanished into the Witness Protection Program, but I’m flattered that you’ve noticed my recent absence from blogging. I’ve been busy making earrings. My new short hair has prompted me to pay more attention to my ears. When you have shorter hair your ears show more and I’m realizing the opportunity to wear fun, expressive earrings again to go with my fun new ‘do.
The last two days have been a whirlwind of hot gluing, a little sewing and even some work with my jewelry pliers, which I haven’t used in years. I created eight pairs of earrings and fixed another pair that I’d made years ago but had broken. Materials included film negatives, paint, colored Duck tape, Legos, feathers, felt, rayon fabric, beads, tiny glass pieces, thread, plastic Shrinky Dinks, and doilies. Found objects galore! Plus, since I had all the materials in my creative stash, these nine pairs of earrings were free!


You know you are avoiding folding laundry excited about a new creative project when every pair of earrings you make leads to another fun idea for more earrings. All this inspiration must be a sign from the heavens that housework can wait but ear ornaments should not.

When I stop to think about it, maybe it’s a little strange that people voluntarily poke permanent holes through their ears so as to fasten jewelry. Who first regarded earlobes as convenient spots for attaching baubles? Who knows? But this trend is likely to stick around for a while, and my renewed interest in earrings comes from a desire to make art and to wear things that show my true spirit. Earrings can be small pieces of art and you (the wearer) are the mobile gallery!

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