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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Big Switch

I’ve been contemplating the big switch.
No, not gender reassignment surgery, but that was a good guess.
I’ve been mulling over a major haircut. The idea popped into my head about a month ago but I needed to be sure I was ready for a big change.  I almost never wear my hair down. But I needed to be certain this was not just a post-full-moon whim.

What’s brought this on, you wonder? Several things. In the last month or two I’ve come across a number of women who have short hair and a ton of style and confidence and I’m drawn to that, and to them. They are fearless! They are bold. They follow their own drumbeat rather than trends or societal expectation. I’ve had very short hair before. Was it time to revisit that look? Some women look great with short hair. It takes some confidence and your face is more exposed. What I’m after is kind of rock-and-rollish, but with a 1960s mod bob vibe, and definitely not Carol Brady soccer mom hair.
For many of us, our hair is a barometer of how we’re feeling, how we see ourselves, and the version of ourselves we want to be. I wanted my hair to go with how I feel on the inside: spunky!
Today was the day. Gabby did it. She’s been cutting my hair for eight or nine years, and she’s amazing. I need to grow the bangs out a little more to get the look I’m after. But it’s a change and I was past ready for something different. I can’t say the family is used to it yet. The kids literally are calling it “boy hair.” Hmmm. Boyish? Can’t they see I have false eyelashes on? Clearly a feminine look!

Oh well. You can’t please everyone. But you should be able to choose your own haircut. This is America, after all!

Change is energizing and I’m glad I did it.


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