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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Fever Dress!

It's official: I have Spring Fever. I LOVE this season. All the plants and flowers are waking up and suddenly the neighborhood is a rainbow of blooming things. I’m one of those brightly-colored things, as usual. I’m outdoors more, enjoying the warmth, and I’m planting things at the community garden. I actually do wear dresses while I garden! And since it’s becoming a lot sunnier, I recommend using a parasol if you are fair-skinned like me. (A duck umbrella does the trick if you don’t have a parasol lying around.)

Would you like to know how this dress came into existence? I thought so. While I was in a fabric store recently, I came across this beautiful piece of yellowish-orange batik (on clearance!). I think I got the entire piece for $5. I knew it would make a fun dress and I set about making that happen. I already had a few pieces of blue and turquoise cotton in my sewing stash, and I used them for accents against the cheerful yellow. A few fabric yoyos at the neckline added to the playful feel I was after. As I’ve said before, grown-up clothes are often lacking in the fun factor, and I am not okay with that. Why should kids’ clothes corner the market on bright colors and happy polka dots and spirited details?

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish sewing my very pattern-ful purple dress. (But that’s a blog post for another day…)

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