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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Think Pink

Did Mother Nature know I could use a lift today? My epiphyllum plant is blooming, which boosts my mood. It’s gorgeous and full of color. Or maybe nature just follows its own calendar and it’s time to bloom. One year and five days ago I posted photos of my happy epis in bloom. What’s fun, though, is that this year’s blooms make last year’s look like the dress rehearsal. Last year I posted photos of this Epi (named Padre) with a few blooms. This year, in one hanging pot, there are three giant blooms in full peacock strut, and another six about to open.

Since I can’t decide between two photos, I’m posting two. I like that the photo above shows sunlight through the petals. The next photo captures the delicate structures inside of the flower.

 Thanks, Nature. You put on quite a show.

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