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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic Eyebrows

It’s America’s birthday today, a day I love, which culminates in fireworks tonight (yippee!). My day started as most others do but it’s not any old day, of course. When Hubby came into the kitchen to give me my morning hug he pulled back, surprised. “What?” I asked. “My eyebrows? Why are you surprised that I have blue eyebrows today? You live with an artist. You should expect such things from me!” I’ve got my patriotism on, folks. I’m patriotic all year long, but today gives me an excuse (as if I need one) to throw on festive clothes, accessories, and make up.

This morning I walked to the community garden in my red, white and blue. Somebody who lives nearby had this lawn decoration up. I dig their gusto:

At the garden I passed under the canopy of sunflowers and marveled at my neighbor’s corn, which is at least seven feet tall now. The couple with the corn also grow gigantic zucchini, and they happened to be at the garden when I arrived. They offered me one of two gargantuan zucchini, and when I hedged they insisted that I take one. At home I took photos of it, along with my friend’s cucumber, which I’m delivering tomorrow. As you can see, these super-sized veggies are as big as my rolling pin. Everyone thinks Americans biggie-size everything: cars, appetites, refrigerators. Zucchini, too, it seems.

As I walked back from the garden I said hi to neighbors, who found my spirited clothes fun. But one couple out walking looked nervous as I approached with my hearty hello. Was it my blue eyebrows that threw them off? Or did they think I was out to sell them an authentic piece of Betsy Ross’ original flag? They seemed more relaxed once they realized I’m wacky but harmless and that “hello” was all I wanted from them.

We Americans may appear loud or excessive to people elsewhere. Americans may have bigger cars than people in other countries, and some Americans come across as having huge egos. But if we’re guilty of going big, I can say with pride that we also have a lot of heart in this country.
Happy birthday, USA!

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