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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Super-Duper Sunglasses

Cheap Frills Tutorial #2
Hey, y’all. I’m back with my second tutorial . I’m all about making fun, creative, colorful things to wear or enjoy, and making them on the cheap makes me especially happy.
This tutorial involves turning sunglasses that are just there into sunglasses with flair.
(Honestly, though, I feel a little silly even calling this a tutorial. It’s so easy to do and hardly requires specific directions. But I’ll plow on and share with you a quick, simple way to bring some fun to your face.)
1.   Get your hands on some inexpensive sunglasses. The pair I’m transforming cost $4.

2.  Look through your nail polish stash and decide which colors you want to use. (If you don’t have a nail polish stash but you want to make over your sunglasses, you can find inexpensive nail polish in every color of the rainbow for as little as $1. Why nail polish? It comes with its own tiny brush, it comes in a ton of great colors, and it is durable.)

3.  Make sure the rims of your sunglasses are clean. Open the glasses and stabilize them on something that will support them and keep them steady. Because I’m ultra-classy (and because I’d just come back from the store) I had a package of toilet paper nearby and found that propping the open sunglasses on a roll of tp worked very well. The tp has some give but also is fairly firm, which keeps the sunglasses from moving while you’re painting them.

4.  I started painting the outside rims of my glasses. I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue my design all the way across the front of the glasses. There’s no wrong way to do this, so relax! I chose to do polka dots because I love them, but you could paint stripes or squiggles or anything that comes to mind. When you start to paint with the nail polish brush, make sure that there is enough polish on the brush but not so much that you will get a giant flood of polish on your glasses. If you want to make a very tiny design, dip a toothpick into your nail polish and make your design with it.

5.    Nail polish dries within a few minutes but I recommend allowing your newly-painted glasses to dry for an hour or two before you wear them. Some of my polka dots were thick and I wanted to be sure they were 100% dry before I did my test drive with them.

6.   Wear your super-duper sunglasses out and enjoy the fun of having a completely unique accessory. I got a compliment on mine the first day I wore them. People will notice that your glasses have personality, and so do you!


Total cost: $5. (I already had several cheery shades of nail polish but I bought sparkly blue for $1, plus $4 for the glasses.)  

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