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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Pepper Flakes, Anyone?

Once a month at my kids’ school they have pizza delivered and the kids can buy a slice at lunch. It’s a fun event for the kids. I received an email asking if I could help serve, and I agreed. All families at the school do volunteer work each year and this seemed like a fun way to help out.

Being me, I knew I had to dress the part. No, that doesn’t mean hairnet. That means accessories. This morning I decided the house chores could wait another thirty minutes (why not? They’ve waited many years already!). I busted out the hot glue and some felt, and here’s what I created to show my spirit:


A number of the kids noticed my accessories. One boy looked mystified (apparently he didn’t get the memo about how grown-ups are allowed to have fun, too!). But most of the kids who noticed told me that they loved my earrings. It brings me joy to bring color and humor to the world, and I love that my invention amused others.

It was a good experience. I was amazed at how quickly the slices were whisked from their boxes onto plates, and then into the hands of the hungry kiddos. The assembly line moved very fast. The kids only get 30 minutes for lunch so I suppose that speed is essential.  The principal was right in the thick of things, handing over plates, helping, directing things with the practiced moves of a police officer in Manhattan’s busiest intersection. She is a go-getter in general, and lunch appears to be no exception.

My feet were tired afterward but I had a good time, chit-chatting with the kids, marveling over which teeth they’d lost over the summer, and laughing as I passed out slices. Hot lunch day is a good opportunity to connect with the kids, to smile at them and to show them they are important.

Earrings can’t fix all the world’s problems. But bringing a smile to others is so easy and means so much. I’ll help again at October’s hot lunch day. And I think I’ll make a matching pizza necklace, too.

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