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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Weddings and a Funeral

That sounds like a good title for a Hugh Grant film…

If you’ve noticed my absence from blogging, it’s because the last month has been non-stop GO. I know I always say that but in this case it really is true. Five weeks ago school started, which substantially turns up the RPMs on my life. Then, two weeks into the school year we had an out-of-town wedding to attend. The timing wasn’t ideal as the kids would miss two days of school but the groom is Hubby’s good friend from high school. Although they live 500 miles apart, they make a point to keep in touch and he asked Hubby to do a reading during the ceremony, which was an honor. The number of people we know increases each year but Hubby and I feel like lasting, true friendship is rare.  So we packed up our covered wagon and off we went to the wedding. The bride and groom are a terrific match and we were glad to be there to support them. The groom’s cousin shared a saying during her toast to the couple, a nod to their Filipino heritage. She said it in Tagalog, then in English. I liked the saying so I’ll share it here: If you want to taste the delicious stew, you must be patient. Finding the right person can’t be rushed. Very sweet, and the bride and groom looked so happy.

When we got back from our trip we discovered that our fridge had died while we were gone. We had to throw out everything in it. I hate wasting but we had no choice. Funeral for our fridge.

The following weekend I went to Joshua Tree with my sister as a non-bachelorette weekend. This was two weeks before her wedding and while she wanted to do something to celebrate that, a beer-soaked romp in Vegas was not her thing. She chose a weekend in Joshua Tree, and it was so peaceful there. We listened to the chirps of birds and the rush of wind. We studied cacti, the rolling hills, and the giant sky. We cooked, talked, laughed and did art projects. It was just right.

After that came one weekend at home, which required no luggage but was busy enough with a park play date, a surprise 40th birthday party, and Oktoberfest. There were chicken hats and the chicken dance, of course. (Some people would like to have a funeral for that dance but I like it. Grown-ups need more silliness!) This annual festival means a lot to Hubby, as his dad was born and grew up in Germany.

Then came four days of school and soon it was time for my sister and Steve’s wedding. I’m private about posting photos of my family (even as I gab online about our lives) but I will share two photos of the beautiful arbor that framed the happy couple as they exchanged vows. The bride and groom found photos of arbors they liked and then Hubby built the arbor from birch poles (he’s awesome!). We decorated it with fabric, flowers and crystals and it fit the setting beautifully.

The wedding was at sunset in a garden bordered by giant Eucalyptus trees. There were flowers everywhere, which Mom bought and arranged herself. The effect was an enchanted wonderland, filled with flowers, tiny twinkling lights, and Monarch butterflies released into the twilight after the vows. Many of us became teary as the bride and groom read the vows they’d written. I’m getting misty even as I type these words. My sister and Steve were so happy. They are soul mates.   

And now I am back. The marathon of two weddings and a funeral is complete. Those are big events and for a few weeks they eclipsed all the smaller weekly projects. Next I have to tackle a skyscraper of laundry, whip up a few Halloween costumes, catch up on blogging, volunteer at school, get flu shots, find my front garden under the weeds, finish the room switch project (oh, that. Yes, it’s 95% complete but there is still a little painting and unpacking to do), deal with the dust storm in my house, and help extend harmony and peace through the world. And that’s just this week!


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