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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Stuff: Look Out for Letters

Stumbling upon something creative makes my day. So imagine my excitement when I found this charming mailbox while out walking. Someone made this by hand.
Miniature things are inherently fun. I’ve blogged on bird houses, dollhouses and fanciful mailboxes before, and my interest in small houses is nothing new. There’s something enchanting about seeing a smaller version of something, especially in an unexpected setting.

I appreciate the creativity of the person who made it. Someone dreamed up the idea, measured and cut and glued and painted and patiently kept working until it was completed. Great do it yourself spirit.
Check out how the red rescue buoy is actually the latch that opens the front of the tower and reveals the spot for letters.

I love that the homeowners wanted to take a mailbox and put their own twist on it and make something ordinary into something creative and fantastic. These are my people.

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