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Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's Growing? Peaches!

It’s mid-June, which means a lot of things are growing. But today I’m here to talk peaches. We have a white peach tree, planted by the people who lived here before us. So I can’t take credit for having planted this magic tree. In fact, I can’t take credit at all, since Hubby waters it. But I’m excited to have such a healthy tree bearing fruit. I think these peaches are bigger than we’ve had any other year. Some are as big as tennis balls. Aren’t they beautiful?

They’re causing the branches to sag toward the ground, and we’ve propped up the saggiest branch with a 2 x 4. I’m not complaining—just marveling—that we have a tree with so many peaches it’s dragging down branches.

What’s growing where you live?

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