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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #1: Super Sarah!

This may be a new feature: Wacky Wednesday. We’ll see. I can’t guarantee there will be wackiness every Wednesday but given that a) I love wacky moments and b) Wednesday rolls around frequently, there may be some Wacky Wednesdays in the future.

I wore a fun outfit today, a costume that channels my inner super heroine. Here’s Super Sarah:


I’m not sure how this idea came about. I’m not obsessed with Super Man or comics. But recently a nickname popped into my mind, one that was given to me twenty years ago by my friend Crazy Dan. He called me Super Sarah, and maybe this memory somehow grew into a costume inspiration. (Crazy Dan, by the way, is not literally crazy. He’s one of the smartest people I know, but he used to say such unbelievable things and every time I saw him I found myself saying “You are crazy, Dan.”)

Anyway, this Super Sarah idea must have been lurking somewhere in my brain. I love to sew fun outfits and a few weeks ago I realized that another sewing project had taken root in my imagination.

I made this outfit for $10 or so, which I know is a fortune to some people, but for me is a justifiable amount to spend on a costume that is just for fun. I painted an old pair of shoes red. The jumpsuit was created from two $3 blue t-shirts. Throw in a zipper, some elastic and a little red fabric for a cape and voila! A super heroine in the making.

When I arrived to pick up my daughter after school the little kids loved my costume. Oh, it’s so fun to make kids smile. Grown-ups liked my outfit, too. Outside the school I shared my philosophy with a few of the parents: it’s not fair that kids get to have so many fun clothes and costumes. We grownups like costumes and capes and polka dots and rainbows, too--and grownups need more laughs. I’m on a one-woman campaign to make grownup clothes more FUN!

By the way, where does a modern-day super heroine-in-training go to change into her outfit? Unlike in the days of the original Superman, there are no longer phone booths on every corner to use as emergency changing rooms. On the other hand, there are cell phone stores on every corner now, so in a pinch I could always duck into one of those to change.

Well, it’s time for me to go stop a train, and leap some buildings in a single bound. After that, cape or no cape, I’ll really turn up the excitement and tackle a monstrously tall pile of dirty dishes. Following that, I’ll nag until the homework is finished. I’ll throw together tomorrow’s lunches, leap over a giant laundry pile, and then zoom toward bed. Even super heroines need their rest…


  1. You go, Super Sarah! XO Juliet

  2. Juliet, thank you, my friend. You are a super mom, cape or not...