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Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend with my Weeds

There’s only one problem with 3-day weekends: they make me want every weekend to be three days long!

There were lots of fun moments this weekend: a party, visiting with friends, reading, good food—and weeding. Under normal circumstances I don’t want to spend precious free time weeding. But I decided I’d sacrifice some time to weed this weekend—only because it was a long weekend so I had extra time for things on the Should Do List (as opposed to the Want To Do list). Once I got started I could not stop. I cut branches and trimmed vines. (I know that’s not technically weeding but once you start looking for weeds you see many yard work projects that could use some attention.) I pulled weeds and moved planters. I cut my hands on thorns and kept pulling. I bonded with my succulents.

In case you’re not obsessed with succulents, you might not know that this is the time of the year when they bloom, and some turn different colors.

The downside to waiting a really long time to weed is that there are hundreds and hundreds of weeds and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

The upside to waiting a long time to check on the succulents in our front yard is that I really noticed their growth.

Here are three photos I took at sunset today. They capture some of the changes happening around here.

These baby buds are the size of a pea. So tiny yet completely formed, in miniature:

I love the geometry of certain succulents:

These are called Sticks of Fire. Aren’t they something?

If you didn’t spend time weeding this weekend, my condolences.

Hope you had some fun!

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