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Saturday, June 27, 2015

What’s Growing? Ask the Bees…

My artichoke plant is in full flower mode, and it’s really cool. Six artichokes now have bright purple punk-rock hairstyles. I know very little about artichokes, but I’m still surprised that the artichoke produces such a vibrant flower. After all, artichokes aren’t brightly-colored: they’re a muddy green, so a nearly fluorescent flower looks a little out of place on this plant. But I dig it! I’m not complaining. Just observing. The bees like the flower, too. A lot.

The bees are also busy at the Hymenocallis flowers. These aren’t mine, so I don’t know which specific variety they are. But I love how different they look with those six long petals jutting out in all directions.

My yellow Cannas are blooming, too.

And one of the newer gardeners at our community garden is growing blackberries. They look amazing. Wish they were mine! Maybe next year?

Also growing in our yard: native plants (this is what I optimistically call our weeds). They certainly seem happy where they are, growing inches a day, right before our very eyes. I wish they weren’t growing at such an accelerated rate, but who am I to tell Mother Nature her business?!

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