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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where Have all the Hair Bands Gone?

There are certain mysteries in the universe, ones that may never be solved. The one on my mind lately involves elasticized hair bands for little girls’ pony tails. If you’ve ever bought them, you’ll notice that they come in packages of twenty or more. Why so many? Because unlike bunnies, who multiply overnight, hair bands disappear overnight, and you can never find one when you need one (even if you bought the 20-pack the day before). Sure, they’re small, which makes losing them easier to do than losing, let’s say, a Volkswagen bus. But still! I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hair bands I’ve bought in my life, and they vanish. And don’t get me started on barrettes.
One recent morning I went into the bathroom and discovered that a creative young child had been hard at work on an art installation at the bathroom sink. I thought it was quite imaginative.
Immediately, a familiar tune popped into my mind. Won’t you sing along with me? It’s helpful if you know the Peter, Paul and Mary song, Where Have all the Flowers Gone? I’ve adapted the lyrics but we’re borrowing the tune. Don’t be shy—let’s sing!

Where have all the hair bands gone? (So many vanishing…)
Where have all the hair bands gone? (Where did they go?)
Where have all the hair bands gone?
Young girls have lost them, every one.
Will they ever return?
When will I ever learn?


  1. Heehee! Just sang it out loud. Maine loved it :-)

  2. Oh, good, thanks! I feel like it has a universal appeal, even if one doesn't use hairbands. Anything small that disappears counts.

  3. Drought conscious children you have.