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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #22: Back to School

I can’t say I’m 100% ready for my kids to be back in school. Sure, we have school supplies and my alarm clock is in use again for the early morning wake ups. In my head, I know that September means school. Of course, in my heart, I still want it to be summer.

However, I’ve got to face the music school bell and accept it. School. Is. In.

So I’ve created a thematic costume that shows that while I’m not truly ready for the school year, my wardrobe is trying to be prepared. Say hello to my pencil dress.

This isn’t the first costume I’ve made that has a dangerous aspect. Am I a little worried about stabbing myself with a sharp pencil or two (or thirty)? Yes. I’m accident-prone to the point that I injure myself tripping over my own shadow, so a dress decorated with points may be asking for trouble. But I like to live dangerously (well, not really)—I like to live creatively—so I’ll take the chance.

This idea came to me months ago and I decided to save it until September. As all the department store signs and ads have been proclaiming for months, it’s Back to School time.

It’s always fun to wear something that includes unlikely materials, like school supplies. With the pencils swinging like fringe, this dress has a Roaring 20s flapper vibe. Clothing from that era had some major style, so it’s a fun design to create. The flapper aspect was not in my original plan, actually. But once I decided to have pencils swinging like fringe, the dress took on a flapper feel. And I decided to run with it.

To make this costume, here’s what I used:

Two shirts (thrifted), that I made into a dress:                           $3.80

Pencils                                                                                                $5.00

Hot glue, buttons, ribbons, accessories                  (already had these)


Total spent:                                                                                       $ 8.80

I love surprising the students, teachers and parents when I arrive at the school parking lot in costume to pick up my kids. I hope they like my dress.

On a related note, teachers make such a difference in the lives of young kids. I am forever grateful to the hard-working teachers who have taught my kids, as well as the teachers who taught me. Have you hugged a teacher today? Go on. Do it!

And now…students: start your engines. Ready? Set? Write!


  1. Fabulous! Love the flapper-style choice. :)

  2. Maia, thanks! I thought you'd like this. And to all teachers, everywhere, thank you!

  3. I ALWAYS like your dress!