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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015: Italian Restaurant

Benvenuti! Welcome to my Italian Restaurant. Mangia! Eat up!

I’m not quite sure how this costume idea came into my mind, but a few months ago it crept into my imagination and set up a nest there. Here is my initial sketch:


Here is how the costume turned out. Unlike some of my past Halloween costumes, I can sit down in this one if I need to. Apparently I've learned from my past design mistakes!

I did use real garlic, dried pasta and red pepper flakes on this costume. But everything else I made from felt, yarn, paint, and hot glue:

Vegetarian or meat lovers? 


This costume idea appealed to me on various levels. I like Italian food and have wonderful memories of living in Florence when I was twenty-one. In my mid-twenties I worked as a hostess at an Italian restaurant here in San Diego’s Little Italy. This helped supplement my very modest income as a starving artist. Note to all young artists out there: if you supplement your earnings by working in a restaurant, make sure it’s as good as the one where I worked. Great food, and lots of spirited arguments in Italian amongst the five brothers who owned the place. Even arguments and insults in Italian sound beautiful. The language is lyrical and there’s so much life in it.

Of course, being me, I liked the idea of bringing some humor to a costume. Wearing food is inherently funny. Having the pizza slice nearly falling off the table, and a plate of spaghetti on my head—well, I couldn’t resist the chance to wear something that I thought would make people laugh.

I’m sure I’ve made you hungry with my costume. You’re welcome. Buon appetito.

Hope you have a happy, fun-filled Halloween.

Just one more thing…






  1. M, thanks! This was a lot of fun to wear, but at the end of the night it also felt good to take off. Not heavy but a little awkward. Talked so much in my fake Italian accent, and now my voice is hoarse. Oh well, it was fun!

  2. I love your creative mind! And the costume was even better in person!