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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #29: Halloween Mascot

Every Wednesday I wear a costume I’ve made during the week, and today is no exception. Even if the biggest costume day of the year is in a mere three days. I’m making a separate costume for Halloween, as well as helping at the giant carnival where my older two kids go to school. Did I think that making two costumes from scratch inside of four days sounded like a lot? Yes, actually! So I decided that today’s outfit could have elements from other Halloween seasons. Today’s costume doesn’t involve quite as much sewing and gluing and prep as some of my weekly creations have, but people, I am only human!


This shirt is one I made a year ago. Buttons add some fun texture to any clothing item, I say. I did make my tutu this week. It’s the first tutu I’ve attempted and I’m happy with how it turned out. There is something delightful about wearing a tutu as a grown up. It instantly puts me in a playful mood and my Wacky Wednesdays are about being playful and lighthearted. Tutus are easy to make and to customize (with lots of tutorials online, whether you want to use a sewing machine, as I did, or whether you prefer a no sew approach).

Rounding out my costume are some Halloweenish accessories. I made these jack o' lantern earrings a year ago. Yesterday I made the antennae and attached them to my headband. So that’s all, folks. A Halloweenish Wednesday costume to get everyone in the mood for costumes on Oct. 31st.


Halloween is extra festive this year, as it falls on a Saturday and (in theory) we can stay up all night in our costumes. In reality, I have a feeling I will not stay up all night. This mom has been racing through the hamster’s wheel this month, just trying to get things ready for Oct. 31st. My head will hit the pillow before midnight, I am certain, and my golden carriage will turn back into a pumpkin--Wait, am I mixing up stories here? Like Cinderella, I will be back from the ball trick-or-treating before the clock strikes twelve. I won’t be leaving behind any glass slipper. I will fall, face first, into bed and sleep happily ever after. Or however the story goes…



  1. I love the costume! The buttons are so wonderful, and the tutu is the frosting on the cake, as it were. Thanks for making me laugh,
    Sarah. May your Halloween be the spookiest! Betty

  2. Thanks Betty! I love knowing that people like my ideas, especially someone as creative as you!