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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rah Rah Rah (Dec. 7, 2010)

So I had this fun idea about blogging on each of the 25 days of December, leading up to (and including) Christmas. I'd share photos of houses decorated for the holidays, and it would be ultra-cheerful and fun and festive.

Um, since this is my first one on the subject and it's the 7th, I guess I'm off to a late start. Fashionably late? My revised goal is to post at least 3 entries of fun decoration displays. 3 is manageable, I think. (Of course, this is THE busiest time of the year and I'm up to my roots in things to do. Note: roots on people are up high, not like on trees, which reminds me that I should add to my To Do list throwing some red dye at my no-longer-brown roots. So you see, keeping it at a modest 3 entries is far more realistic than 10 or 15. Keep goal low and exceed goal! Maybe.)

Back to the decorations. If you saw my blog piece about Halloween decorations, you know that my favorite houses are not the elegantly-decorated ones all in white lights. No, I’m of the school of using as many colors and as many decorations as possible. A kaleidoscopic collage of color and cheer. (Not at my own house, where we have some decorations, but not covering every inch of front yard and roof. No storage space here for that! But at other people’s houses I love it!)

This morning after school drop-off I took a different route home and had to stop at a house with 7 inflatable decorations. See photos above. These are the ones that can be 5 or 6 feet tall, with moving parts. The blades on Santa’s helicopter spun. The wheels on his train moved. A few houses down he was riding an inflatable Harley. I love this stuff! I just dig the gusto. These people are fun, and they want to share the fun with others. The Harbingers of Happiness?

Stay tuned for more photos from highly-decorated places. I am scouting the county for spirit!

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