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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Diary, You Won't Believe What I Saw Today (Jan. 8, 2012)

Some people might feel compelled to make their first blog of the year serious or philosophical in keeping with the rebirth/clean slate mentality that a new year can bring. Not me.

Welcome to my 2012 blog! This scene is not one I created for blog laughs. While bike-riding today I happened upon this giant stuffed orangutan in the back of a pick-up. (I’m not completely sure it is an orangutan but my research online didn’t help solve the mystery. It didn't look monkeyish. So for now I’ll call it an orang, but do let me know if you have proof otherwise.)

I can’t make this stuff up! The unexpected combination of a stuffed animal (and a huge one at that) and a pick-up truck is what makes it so funny, and I knew I had to share it with the rest of the world.

And just so you know, discovering things like this only reinforces my obsession with wandering neighborhoods with my camera. No doubt I will post many more photos to my blog this year about unusual things I’ve happened upon accidentally. Stay tuned. I’m sure it’ll only get wackier…

1 comment:

  1. Well I dunno. Is a primate in a truck as funny as it gets? Let's explore the potential other modes of transpo a primate might use but that would be a bit of a surprise to us.

    Primate on roller skates or blades. Maybe even in a "uniblade" where all four feet are plugged into.

    Primate on a bicycle, but most specifically a recumbent style frame.

    Primate on a BigWheel trike. The plastic could probably not hold an adult ape. Easier for orangutans and chimpanzees.

    Primate on one of those little foldable scooter things.

    Primate on a moped, like 70s style.

    Primate on a series of logs, rolling as one would to move giant stones for building pyramids in Egypt. He would probably need some minders as this is not a mode of automotion.

    Primate using cooking oil as a lubricant to do belly slides as often as possible on smooth floors, but otherwise using his feet to walk, compromised as that would be given the slickness.

    Primate using an enormous beach ball like inflatable that he must climb into.

    Primate using the Oscar Meyer hot dog truck.

    Primate using old computer keyboards tied to his feet in a kind of primitive sandal arrangement.

    Primate flying around in a Jetsons car like thingee.

    Primate hitchhiking upon the backs of elephants, camels, and other modes of transportation in south Asia.

    Primate using a Fred Flintstone era car.

    Primate attaching wings to his arms and flapping like a hummingbird.

    Primate donning helmet and using a catapult assisted launch prior to using said wings above.

    Primate holding on to truck leaf springs, foot at one end, hand at another, repeated at the other side, and bouncing his way to the Starbucks, all while stretched out rather much from front to back.

    Primate being turned into a powdery substance that can reconstitute after being blown from a straw by an unknown actor.

    Well, you see... maybe if any of that appears to you in your neighborhood wanderings, you might snap a pic and get down with yer bloggin' self! I'll watch for it.