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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doppelganger (Jan. 19, 2012)

Yes, this is random, but you heard it here first: singer Huey Lewis and tv’s Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe are practically twins.

(In case you're confused by which is which, Mike is on the left and Huey is on the right.)

(For some reason I can't convince the computer to put their photos side-by-side so for now, this layout will have to do.)

(Now before I go on, let me just say this: I am in no mood for argument, so TAPKAE and anyone else out there who might disagree, just save your responses if they are something other than, “Wow, Sarah, you are a genius and absolutely right!” The fam and I have been sick for 4 days and I am so over being housebound. We’re doing tons of laundry because of all the puking. I puked fourteen times, and the others didn’t get it quite as bad but it's been crazy around here. I have no patience left, so please, if you think I’m crazy for seeing the similarities, keep it to yourself, or I’ll come breathe on you, and believe me, you don’t want the flu I’ve had.)

Back to Hue-Rowe, as I cutely have combined their names, Hollywood style.

I will admit that I might not have happened upon this revelation had I not been house-bound for several days. This morning I passed the time (between puke-clean-ups) checking out 80s tunes on YouTube, including a song by Huey Lewis and the News. (He had some very catchy songs in the 80s so give him some love.) EUREKA!!! How could I not have seen the similarity before? He looked exactly like Mike Rowe, host of cable’s Dirty Jobs show. Mike’s been on Ford commercials for years and recently on Viva paper towel ads, so his image is fresh in my memory.

(I realize that this is not life-changing news for you. But please bear with me. When you’re housebound, you do things you aren’t necessarily doing on a Thursday morning and these revelations come to you. Is it blog-worthy? Sure, why not. It makes a nice backdrop for my sob story about our household, which we now refer to as Sick and Sicker.)

Since I was already going down this road, I did a little research on their ages, just to see if my comparison was as airtight as I thought. Huey is twelve years older than Mike, so Mike now looks like Huey did a few years ago. But hey, you’ve got to cut musicians some slack. They age like anyone else, plus with that rock’n’roll lifestyle they may age faster than others. And Huey rocked it in the 80s. In fact, he’s been rocking it recently, too, so give the man some props. When I watched MTV as a teen I liked his videos. He definitely had a sense of humor, which many musicians don’t have, as they’re so focused on appearing dangerous and sexy and see no place for humor in their image. Mike Rowe is very funny on Dirty Jobs, and even in commercials, which are a good measure of someone's humor. Not everyone can be funny in a 30-second spot.

Now, I can’t expect every last person to agree with my views. Some may look at these two guys and say, “Sure, they’re as similar as any two Caucasian guys.” WRONG!!! They have similar facial structure, similar chins, mouths, coloring, eye shape, and hair color. I can’t be the only person who has noticed this. And I may have flu-like symptoms but I'm not delirious!

Once we’re all over the flu and I am less housebound I will re-enter the outside world and my blog pieces may seem more relevant to the important political and social events happening in 2012. Of course, probably not. As you know, I much prefer to comment on the things I notice: the funny, the creative, the random. And that’s why you love me!

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