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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lady Bug Jane (March 3, 2012)

Lady Bug Jane
Limerick #5

Jane decorates cakes in all shades of the rainbow.
She’s thirty-three and grew up in Idaho.
She left for New Orleans with what fit in her jeep
And speaks with a Southern drawl in her sleep.
Jane has fifty-four ladybugs tattooed from head to toe.

Thus concludes my mini-series of five limericks. They were fun to create, although some were trickier than others. There’s the challenge of rhyming certain lines, as well as fitting in the five phrases I chose randomly for the limerick. A good brain exercise, although I’ll admit it’s a relief to be able to get back to the kind of blogging I usually do: chatting about whatever crosses my mind rather than fulfilling an assignment. After all, isn’t my blog intended to be a refuge from the parts of my life that are less flexible? My blog is supposed to be an antidote for the rules (self-imposed or otherwise) that apply to most of my life. So it’s back to blogging about this-and-that, posing questions into the blogosphere, and rambling about my creative ideas. I think the next one will be extra random!

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