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Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Person's Trash...

…is another’s art project!
My friend and neighbor Mara has a giant bag next to her driveway. It could fit a Smart Car in it. You buy the bag from Home Depot and fill it with trash and they come pick it up. Like those Pod cubes but instead of storing your stuff then take your trash. Genius!
We stood in her driveway chatting this morning and she was lamenting how much stuff they have awaiting pick-up. Her hubby does beautiful renovations on their house and naturally, they’ve accumulated spare pieces of wood, molding, PVC pipe and even broken pieces of concrete. Someone might come get the pieces of wood but there’s still stuff lying near the driveway.

Mara is one of the most organized people I know, so the jumble of left-overs probably drives her crazy. I tried to give her an inspirational speech. (Well, I commanded her to repeat after me, “I will not worry about a few pieces of wood.” Good sport that she is, she repeated it, although I think she was doing it just to appease me. I don’t think you can un-become who you are just by uttering a sentence your neighbor forces you to say!) Anyway, after a few minutes of this, I realized that her giant bag of trash was actually full of art supplies. The piece of plywood? Perfect for the mixed-media fence art I’ve been designing in my head. The left-over 1” PVC pipe? An excellent stem for the giant flowers I like to make with colorful Duck Tape.

We made plans for me to come over later to get some art supplies out of the trash bag. I’m excited! I’m going to reuse materials that otherwise would go into landfill. Furthermore, this is clearly the sign I was awaiting from the universe: that I should continue to ignore tedious household chores and make more art!

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