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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Blog Log

On January first many people make resolutions, looking at the new year unfurled before them, fresh and unblemished. Resolutions may have their place but today I’m looking backwards rather than forwards. (Well, maybe some of both.) I’m looking at the blogs I’ve posted. This month marks four years since I started this blog. The blog actually keeps tabs on itself, noting how many posts I did each month and year.

In 2009 I had 31 posts.

In 2010 I went backwards to 30 (although considering that I did have another baby, 30 is not bad!).

In 2011 I had 45 posts.

In 2012 I had 64 posts.

Usually I don’t pay much attention to these tallies but I do find it interesting that I’m showing an upward trend in post totals. (Don’t tell Hubby that I’m getting wordier. He always teases me that I speak ten times as many words as he does. I always explain to him—at length, of course—that I just have so many questions and observations and ideas and that I can’t keep them in and that obviously he really loves this about me since I was no less chatty thirteen years ago and he didn’t exactly run the other way!)

But I digress (what else is new?). Back to numbers. When I contemplate my post totals I do have a thought: If I did 64 posts in 2012, that’s one post every 5-6 days. I think that’s pretty often, considering all the plates I need to keep spinning every day. But I have to laugh because a few days ago I checked out a blog written by Judy, the most prolific blogger I know (well, Mom knows her, which is close enough). She did 428 posts this year, and 445 last year! She’s a mom of four (two are grown, and two are young teens). Holy cannoli. Suddenly my personal best of 64 seems less major! But as Judy reveals in her blog, she spends an obscene amount of time each day driving her daughters to different schools and afterschool lessons. She probably stays during the lessons, and maybe this is when she blogs her heart out. Maybe blogging is her knitting, something she works on in a few spare minutes here, an extra chunk of time there, between chauffeuring stints. I’m not usually competitive with other people so it’s not that my new year’s resolution is to beat this Wordy Woman at her game. Oh, she did 428? I’ll do 600 next year! (I don’t think so. I wouldn’t even want to!) It’s just that I’m quite surprised that she did so many when, like me, she is busy with her mom duties so many hours each day.

Hey, it’s all good. Judy, you keep it up. You’re really funny and you don’t mind sharing the wacky moments that descend on you as you make your way through each day. You keep going with the blog. I won’t be close to your total and I won’t worry about it. Like me, you find humor in the zany parts of parenthood, and you want to share the silliness with anyone who needs a laugh. We’re in similar boats, and blogging is therapy, not a competition.

But I bet I changed a lot more diapers than you last year!

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