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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tall, Small or Fits All?

Sometimes the unplanned things that occur in my life almost write the blog posts for me. Take, for instance, the serendipitous timing of two moments that happened recently on two consecutive days.

On the first day I was at a museum with Roxie and we each posed on the chair below:

The next day I was rushing out the door to get the kids from school when it occurred to me that my hair did not look cool-messy. It just looked blah-messy. I needed a comb or brush and I had exactly ten seconds to fix my hair before I needed to leave. Could not find a comb! The seconds were ticking! I pawed through the medicine cabinet and at last I found a brush that would do in a pinch. It’s a doll brush (or maybe for a toy pony) but it has teeth and it does work. I gave my hair a few swipes with the brush and raced out the door.

Distortion of scale instantly makes things fascinating. And when you use two items whose scale is surprising in two days, that’s a bloggable happening. These unforeseen moments make life more fun. And when it comes to funny episodes, one size does fit all.

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