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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rumor Has It

I don’t mean to brag.

I don’t mean to boast.

But it’s 80 degrees

On the west coast.

(Extra credit for you if you recognize the 1979 song by Sugarhill Gang that I’ve parodied above.)

I was going to be all coy and say that there are rumors of spring in the air. But I hatched that idea last week and today it’s literally 83 degrees in Southern California, so it’s old news to say there are hints of spring coming. This morning on my walk I saw three lizards. Buds are popping out on tree branches. Bees and birds are all over the backyard. There are two yard sales on our block today. Undisputable signs of spring.

This is a photo of my parents’ flowering pear tree last month.

Here is my neighbor’s tree, full of gorgeous pink blossoms.

This tiny splash of color completely surprised me today. I was watering my parched carrot seeds and saw this bright flower popping out of a pot. Having no recollection of planting such a flower, this was an extra fun surprise for me! It’s only an inch in diameter but it packs quite a punch.

I’ve opened all the windows in the house and frankly, I think it’s too warm! Especially for the beginning of March. Wah, wah. Poor me. The East Coasters are covered with a mile of snow and I’m whining that it’s too hot. I’m impossible to please.

Later I’m venturing to the community garden to see whether my tulip bulbs have produced any more precocious green points. Last week I threw some sweet peas in there as well as a tomato plant. It’s spring time, time for gardens to grow.

Has anyone seen my SPF 100?!


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