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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Late. I'm Late--for an Important October Date!

I’ll let you in on a secret: I am behind in my Halloweening. This runs contrary to my celebratory nature, so please be careful about who you tell. I have a festive reputation to protect!

It’s been a particularly busy October in my world. My sister’s wedding earlier this month was a big focus, as it should be. Somehow, most of October raced by. Tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m not quite ready. I’m getting there. A week ago I braved the store aisles stuffed with candy and picked out a few bags. We have some decorations out front. We’ve been to two Halloween festivals and our excitement is growing. We bought two costumes. Yesterday I made a lot of progress on my costume. I’m nearly finished with the fourth costume. (Hubby is going to use the same one he’s used for over a decade.) In 24 hours I need to be in costume, at a carnival. But that’s enough time for me to finish my costume. As long as nothing unexpected crops up. (I’m tempting fate by saying that, of course.)

All month long I’ve enjoyed the enthusiasm of some of my neighbors, who have decorated their yards and houses for tomorrow. I’ll share a few photos:


The photo above shows a neighbor's pumpkin collection: one decorative foam pumpkin plus twelve carved pumpkins. They get the spirit award around here.


The pumpkin above and the drawing below were created by our middle child, who loves creative projects.

Well, I think I should sign off for now. I’ve taken my blogging break and now I need to knuckle down and complete two more Halloween costumes. There is a deadline, after all. This time crunch brings to mind a similar time constraint Cinderella once had. She had to be home by midnight or her ball gown would turn back to rags and her coach would become a pumpkin once again. If I don’t wave my magic sewing needle over my supplies, the pile of fabric I have will not turn into costumes and the pumpkins by our door will remain squash, instead of jack-o-lanterns. I have important Halloweeny projects to tackle. So please stop distracting me!

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