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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Art of Fencing

A few nights ago I discovered a mural with lots of personality. It’s not far from where we live, but it’s on a street I rarely take and so this was the first time I’d seen it. I was delighted and made a note to circle back during daylight hours.
I’d noticed this property before. Well, in honesty, not the house itself. I couldn’t pick it out of a lineup. But they have a darling little vintage car that I had noticed before. When we drove by a few nights ago I saw that the car was still there and that someone had painted a mural to showcase it. Hurray!
A day or two later I returned to the scene and walked right up to the fence. I love that someone wanted to personalize their fence this way. The bright primary colors appeal to me. A real orange tree growing in the back yard is painted in the mural, which adds to the playful feel of the mural. The little yellow jewel of a car is depicted of the mural, which is charming. The car is a Metropolitan Nash and I’m not certain about the year but I’m making an educated guess of 1960 (based on photos of the 1960 Nash body style).


Finding surprises in my own neighborhood is such fun. My discovery this week brought together several things I like: vintage cars, murals, and personalizing your space. Fences can be quite mundane, so it really makes my day when I see one that doesn’t fade into the background but becomes a canvas that brightens the neighborhood. Fence makeover: now that’s an art form!

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