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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catwalk, Reimagined

Anyone can build a catwalk. But it takes some real imagination to make a sunny cat condo for your pet. I saw such an invention on my morning walk today. A few blocks from our place is a short street made up of duplex apartments. Jutting into the front yard of one of these apartments was a kitty condo of sorts.
Although I don’t know the cat’s owner or the back story behind this kitty’s corner, here’s what I imagine led to the invention. This duplex is rented by people who adore their cat. They want Fluffy to be able to get some fresh air while they are at work. They could lock her outside all day, but they want Fluffy to be able to get inside for her food. (They learned that other animals will graze at Fluffy’s food bowl unless it is inside the apartment.) These loyal pet owners want their cat to have indoor as well as outdoor living space. Fluffy needs her fresh air and naps in the sun. But she is a cat of many moods (aren’t they all?) and also wants to spend time indoors, where her food bowl and cable tv are. How to solve this dilemma? A sunroom extending from her regal palace. She loves to sun outside, but what if the temperatures rise? The owners thoughtfully added a shade so that she has options. When she is in the mood for fresh air, Fluffy can walk through the window’s screen to access her fab sun room. Her majesty can preside over the neighborhood at a height of five feet, where she can look down at the kingdom she is sure is hers. When passersby stop to honor her, she can meow down at them—if it suits her. Her regal catliness decrees the sunroom a royal success.

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