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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mysterious Disappearing Act

Too early my morning began.

I swiped at my alarm clock and groaned.

Can I get up this minute? I can.

“But it won’t be easy,” I moaned.


Today would be especially tricky.

I was driving the kids to school.

Hubby left this morning at 5:30

And I still had much to do.


I packed the lunches last night

To ease this morning’s frenzy.

But no matter how I tried

Finding PE shirts—I came up empty!


I looked for 30 minutes or 40.

I peered in closets, behind beds.

Yes, I need to do more sorting.

Laundry folding is a chore I dread.


I looked in vain, I confess.

Where could the shirts be?

How to solve this mess?

Maybe my friends could help me.


I texted Marti with my phone.

Then called Elaine just in case.

But her son was sick at home.

So I called Michelle at her place.


She would send a shirt, no worries.

Her son found me as the bell rang.

I thanked him and went in a hurry.

“We made it,” I sang.


I am so grateful for friends.

They help out when you you’re in a jam.

Good friends are happy to lend.

And I’m glad to help them when I can.


I really must catch up on my chores.

There’s a gigantic clean clothes pile.

But sorting clothes is such a bore.

And blog writing is more my style!


I looked for those shirts—it’s a fact.

I tried to be Superwoman.

The shirts pulled a disappearing act.

And even Superwoman needs a hand!


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