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Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Stuff--Connection with Neighbors

My happy moment just bloomed a few minutes ago. As I was helping Hubby get the kids loaded and off to school, I saw my neighbors in their front yard. I waved, and so did they. Once my gang was gone, I walked across the street to say hello. It was my first conversation with the man in the baseball cap, although we’ve waved many times. He was watching his two darling nieces, ages one and two, both dressed in pink, the older one trying on adult-sized work boots over her fleece pajamas.

What made this my happy moment is how friendly my neighbor is, and so eager to have a warm connection. It turns out he just moved here from Vietnam. He invited me in for green tea but I had to go because our youngest was still asleep in our house and so we will have tea another time soon.

Most immigrants to America are so grateful to be here in this land of opportunity and freedom. It’s a wonderful reminder to me about how fortunate we are here. It makes me happy to connect with others, including my neighbors. And I’m still relishing my newish title as Ambassador of the Neighborhood.


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