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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Stuff: Sunflower!

Sunflowers sure know how to put on a show. One day, they push a little green point through the earth. It grows quickly, inches every day. Overnight it sprouts lots of leaves. They get big. One day you notice that a blossom is growing in the center. It’s small and green, but it’s there. After a while it stretches away from the stalk and you really see it. You wonder when it will open. Today? You want it to open!

One day you notice that yellow petals are visible.

The next day you notice that the petals are opening—slowly.

Then they really start to open—all except one section, which is taking its time.


And finally, one very warm morning, the wait is over. You wake up to see that it has opened fully. It’s an explosion of color. I’m happy.


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